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Sunday, November 13, 2011


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

J.L. King Interview: Royalty's Love Affair with ZE Menswear

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of connecting with J. L. King via Twitter. Over a series of days, I Twitted several kind messages to him to spark interest in my clothing line and IT WORK!

Now if you're not familiar with J. L. King, he's a New York Times best selling author who appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show to speak about his book entitled, "On the Down Low".

After 15 years of first book, I collaborated with J.L. to design a custom tank to wear on the red carpet and  promote his latest novel, "Love on a Two Way Street."

In midst of our correspondences, I had the opportunity to interview him about his latest endeavors. 

ZE Menswear: After appearing on Oprah, you took the world by storm with your non-fiction debut book "On the Down Low". Now you've entered the fiction arena with a new book entitled, "Love on a Two-Way Street". In comparison to other books of this genre, what makes this novel different from any other story already available on the bookshelves?

J. L. King: My writings is different then other writers. I am a serious story teller and my stories are all based on real people. I have written 13 books and they all get high marks because people can relate to them. They are raw, straight forward and page turners.   I have so many books inside of me that I want to write. And if God continues to bless me, the best is yet to come. 

ZE Menswear: It's been over 7 years since the exposure of "living on the down low" received national acclaim on television. How do you continue to reinvent yourself? Progress your mission?

J. L. King:  I am a person that believes that I can do anything. I have a international platform that has allowed me to do many things and create new opportunities.  And I am just beginning. I have a lot of great things going on in my life. National TV show, stage play, new books, working with new writers and authors through my JL King Publishing company, and on and on. Life is good. And everyday I wake up with new ideas to put into action.  I also get a lot of offers to partner with other authors, producers and celebrities and I pick and chose them carefully. I love helping others get started and if it is a win win for me, then I am always interested.

ZE Menswear: After the release of your newest novel, what does the future hold for the "J.L. King Enterprise"?

J. L. King: I am also working on 4 new books that will be released next year. Who knows, I live day by day. I don't know what God has in store for me next. But, whatever it is, I am ready for it.

ZE Menswear: In collaborating with ZE Menswear to design your Exclusive Designer Tank, describe your personal style.

J. L. King:J.L: Your response goes here. I am a trend setter. As a soon to be a senior citizen (smile), I look at my style as ageless. I dress to make heads turn. I love colors, I love clothes that no one else has or would dare to wear. I love designers who can take my ideas and make them. And I know what looks good on me. ZE Menswear has a fresh approach to men clothes that I love. I recently order more tanks that I will be wearing this year on my Love On A Two Way street book tour.  I also want to be the face of ZE
For more information about J. L. King, please visit and if you want to write and get published visit:  Follow J.L. King on Twitter @authorjlking and Facebook at Jl King.

Sketch - Initial Design

Sketch - Final Design

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fantasy Fest: N!99@s in Key West

I'm headed to Fantasy Fest in Key West this weekend for Halloween for the first time and I've been puzzled about my costume. Since I'm still clueless, I've decided to keep it simple and make a couple of ready-to-wear pieces with a fashion statement.
My inspiration is Jay-Z and Kayne West's "Watch the Throne" album cover designed by Givenchy's Desginer, Riccardo Tisci. It's strong geometric embossed design expresses royal military symbolism and masculine femininity in a bold metallic tone. In addition to my inspiration, I will also reference military uniforms and origami shapes.

Although, the album cover is gold, I'll be using silver and grey tones (since they are readily available in my sewing studio). I've got 3 days to pull it off. Let's hope I finish both pieces before then. Wish me luck and revisit my blog to see photos of my design.

In the meanwhile, here's a few great pieces you can buy to create your own costume.

Cesar's Headdress
How to make your own: Hot glue silk leaves to a headband and spray paint it gold.

Gold Metallic Hip Hop T-Shirt
How to make your own: Save the trouble and scout for a similar shirt at the local flea market.

Gold Brushed Denim Jeans
How to make your own: Sponge paint your less than favorite jean with gold acrylic paint.
Gold Metallic Sneakers
How to make your own: Purchase a pair of sneakers from your local thirt store and spray paint them gold. Cover the sole of the shoe with painter's tape if you want to keep it white.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

MacKintosh Denim Tank

Have you ever heard the saying, "Real Men Love Pink"? Well, they do, because I'm living proof that this statement is true. I fell in love with this jersey and it's color the minute I saw it. I knew it would make a great addition to the collection.

The greatest feature on this tank is the denim yoke on the back and front of the shirt. The style is inspired by country western shirts, but the lines are more geometric, rather than fluid like the lines seen in traditional western apparel. The design, stitching and lines of the denim yoke is inspired by Charles Rennie MacKintosh. I studied interior design in school and I always admired his linear, yet complex geometric architectural masterpieces. His aesthetic adds a great modern and timeless style to this tank top. That's great because it can fit it to both Western and Non-Western atmospheres.

The denim used is recycled from an old pair of jeans, which is great because it add a whole lot of character to the tank top. The edges are finished with a beautiful golden denim thread, which adds a great detail. After going out on the town with this tank, you're sure to look brand spanking new, yet slightly vintage and charming too. 

Grab it while it's fresh. Click here to purchase now!

Denim Star

Since starting my new Etsy shop, ZE Menswear, I've been sewing to build my collection for others, rather than sewing for myself. In the grand scheme of things, wearing my own designs is the greatest opportunity I have to advertise my shop. Nonetheless, sewing for myself has been easier said than done.

In 3 weeks, I'll be taking a cruise to the Caribbean, so in an effort to look my best on vacation and thereafter, I made a promise. The promise is that for every garment I make for my shop, I will make a garment for myself. It's the best way to show off ZE Menswear brand in the streets.

Several months ago, I cut up a pair of old jeans and made them into a short pant. Rather than throwing away the scraps, I saved them for an up-cycle project.

For this particular tank top, "Denim Star", I wanted to incorporate the denim within the yoke on the back and front of the tank top, similar to western shirts, but with a twist. Unfortunately, I didn't sew the denim onto the front and back panels of the tank top prior to stitching them together, so incorporating the denim afterwards truly didn't work.

So I improvised and created stars and abstract swirls from additional scraps and applied them to the tank top, starting at the top left shoulder toward the back spine in a asymmetrical design.

Other details include a split placket on the chest and wide bands around the arms and neck.

Once the tank top was finished, I still debated whether or not I should sell the tank top in my shop or not. Lol! Seeing so many things in my shop makes me happy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion Night Out | 1 Day Sale

Excited about attending Fashion Night Out for the first year as a fashion designer, ZE Menswear is hosting our very own 1 Day Sale offering 20% off. Simply use coupon code FNO11 at our online Etsy store here.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ZE STYLE | Pilot Tank, Avis Collection

Neutral garments provide a great opportunity to add a splash of color. The Pilot Tank from the Avis collection is the perfect launch to creating a versatile wardrobe. Consider adding a brightly colored shoe and sunglasses. Keep it simple; keep it classy, with two color choices.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ZE STYLE | Grape Drape Tank

Add a little "Goth" in your life with this dark and mysterious collection. Dress this classic tank up with dramatic accessories like the St. Benedict Rosary and Digi Cuff Watch by Diesel. Then take it a step further with these extreme pants with straps and zippers by Kult Klothes and smash this ensemble up with these awesome studded cow sneakers by UES. This killer number is sure to leave anyone who crosses your path in ashes.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ZE STYLE | Check Republic Tank

This casual ensemble is the epitome of coastal living. The sandy tones are great a transition from Summer to Fall and these hues are classic. You can never go wrong with khakis! "Cork this bottle" with a pair of nutmeg colored loafer, canvas bag for your beach towel and folding sunglasses.

Monday, August 22, 2011

ZE STYLE | The Simplest Way to Sock Up Your Wardrobe

First impressions ARE lasting impressions. It's the first day of school and you want to put your best foot forward. The simplest way to elevate your look is with a pair of colored socks. Try a print, a stripe or an argyle pattern. Whether you mix or match them with your wardrobe, you're sure to grab their attention from the floor up.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


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This entire project is inspired by one shirt I upcycled into a new garment. Once an ordinary grey & white plaid dress shirt, now turned a comfortable tank top and more.

The first tank is the original shirt in which the sleeves were removed and used to finish the neck and the arm holes. Now it's a great summer tank and can be worn by many different genres - preppy, grunge or indie.

Check Dress Tank

Check Dress Tank
The second tank below is my favorite. It's tailored, yet casual and that's what my style is all about. The cuff on the sleeves were used to make the collar and the remaining portions were used on the yoke (on the back) and "placket"-like opening on the chest. It's paired with a beautiful yellow striped jersey.

Cuff Collar Tank

Cuff Collar Tank

Cuff Collar Tank

Cuff Collar Tank
The last tank exudes so much comfort, yet stylish with grey jersey applique stripes on the front. It's a great piece for those casual days when you want to look nice, but don't want to put much thought into it.

Check Cross Tank

Check Cross Tank

Check Cross Tank
All tanks are available for sale here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ZE STYLE | Fashion Night Out

Fashion Night Out is approaching across the world (and in Miami too); and it's time to dress for the Fashion "Gods". But wait! The climate is borderline humid and slightly mild. You want to look sharp, stylish and smart without fainting in front of the Paparazzi. Here are a few ideas inspired by ZE Menswear latest collection - Wimbledon.

Pair the Wimbledon Trainer Tank with a white linen jacket and consider rolling the sleeves of the blazer up for a more casual and comfortable feel. The light cotton jersey and linen are great fabrics for warm climate weather. Then combine the top with a tailored short in a charcoal grey. This neutral color will ground all the colors of your ensemble. Finally, slipped on a beautiful metallic sneaker for jewelry and complete the look with a pair of vintage inspired glasses.

These pieces reference many current trends this season and you're sure get fame from the press.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ZE Commercial | The inspiration behind the brand

I debut my the ZE Menswear commercial on YouTube this week. I'm proud to say that I self produced and recorded it myself. I wanted to share the inspiration behind the brand and the secret location I retreat to for self reflection.


ZE Inspiration | Grey + Yellow

This week I'm inspired by the colors grey and yellow. 

Modern. Industrial. Masculine. These are a few words that embodies the natural demarcation and erosion of the pavement pictured above.  I love the contrast of black, grey and silver shades; and the yellow stripes compliments the composition beautifully. There is so much beauty and LIFE within weathered substances. 

Here are a few more images that inspires me.

What inspires you to walk bodly?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ZE STYLE | Avis Collection - Airman Tank

So you're interested in a tank from ZE Menswear, but you're not sure how to style it. Well, lets take a look at some possibilities. The Airman Tank from the Avis Collection is the simplest piece ever. Casual apparel can be paired with formal attire to create a tailored look. Here's an example of how to mix and match several piece. I suggest you pair no more than 5 pieces together when styling a look.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wimbledon Collection Debut Scores Early

Here's a look at my second collection entitled WIMBLEDON.

Inspired by Wimbledon, this bright contrasting collection is classic, sporty and modern. Each tank references a tennis players journey on the court. Pee green, teal and neon yellow abstracts hues directly from the court. Experience the emotion of the trainer, champion and fury.

Tank #1 – Wimbledon Fury (Teal Stripe, Above)
The print inspired the entire collection. The screen printing is shifted, but make a great graphic impression. The impartial print reminds me of a tennis player hitting the pavement in an attempt to return the ball, hence the inspiration for the name – “Wimbledon Fury”. The print is paired with a brilliantly bright neon yellow/green ribbed knit around the arms and neck in reference to the color of tennis balls. The tank has a great fit and an athletic feel. It can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.

Tank #2 – Wimbledon Champion (Teal, Above)
The simple design is classic and amazingly comfortable. It’s called “Wimbledon Champion” because the design looks very refined and assertive. The sporty yellow zipper allows you to adjust the amount of chest you’d like to reveal. It’s great for those sunny days that requires a lot of breeze inside your shirt. The coordinating stripe print on the inside adds a whimsy and charming detail. THIS TANK SOLD 1-1/2 HOURS AFTER IT WAS POSTED ONETSYYIPPIE!!!

Tank #3 – Wimbledon Trainer (Pee Green, Above)
The modern design is an abstraction of a bag strap across the chest, tugging at the shirt. It exemplifies a player, equipped for the tennis court, hence the name – “Wimbledon Trainer”. The ruching (gathering) fabric adds a beautiful dramatic drape, which is very reminiscent of Roman garments. Although this piece is casual, it definitely captures a high fashion aesthetic as well.
Score one today and sport your very own ZE Menswear piece available on Etsy