Sunday, September 25, 2011

MacKintosh Denim Tank

Have you ever heard the saying, "Real Men Love Pink"? Well, they do, because I'm living proof that this statement is true. I fell in love with this jersey and it's color the minute I saw it. I knew it would make a great addition to the collection.

The greatest feature on this tank is the denim yoke on the back and front of the shirt. The style is inspired by country western shirts, but the lines are more geometric, rather than fluid like the lines seen in traditional western apparel. The design, stitching and lines of the denim yoke is inspired by Charles Rennie MacKintosh. I studied interior design in school and I always admired his linear, yet complex geometric architectural masterpieces. His aesthetic adds a great modern and timeless style to this tank top. That's great because it can fit it to both Western and Non-Western atmospheres.

The denim used is recycled from an old pair of jeans, which is great because it add a whole lot of character to the tank top. The edges are finished with a beautiful golden denim thread, which adds a great detail. After going out on the town with this tank, you're sure to look brand spanking new, yet slightly vintage and charming too. 

Grab it while it's fresh. Click here to purchase now!

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