Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fantasy Fest: N!99@s in Key West

I'm headed to Fantasy Fest in Key West this weekend for Halloween for the first time and I've been puzzled about my costume. Since I'm still clueless, I've decided to keep it simple and make a couple of ready-to-wear pieces with a fashion statement.
My inspiration is Jay-Z and Kayne West's "Watch the Throne" album cover designed by Givenchy's Desginer, Riccardo Tisci. It's strong geometric embossed design expresses royal military symbolism and masculine femininity in a bold metallic tone. In addition to my inspiration, I will also reference military uniforms and origami shapes.

Although, the album cover is gold, I'll be using silver and grey tones (since they are readily available in my sewing studio). I've got 3 days to pull it off. Let's hope I finish both pieces before then. Wish me luck and revisit my blog to see photos of my design.

In the meanwhile, here's a few great pieces you can buy to create your own costume.

Cesar's Headdress
How to make your own: Hot glue silk leaves to a headband and spray paint it gold.

Gold Metallic Hip Hop T-Shirt
How to make your own: Save the trouble and scout for a similar shirt at the local flea market.

Gold Brushed Denim Jeans
How to make your own: Sponge paint your less than favorite jean with gold acrylic paint.
Gold Metallic Sneakers
How to make your own: Purchase a pair of sneakers from your local thirt store and spray paint them gold. Cover the sole of the shoe with painter's tape if you want to keep it white.


  1. This is so glam! Will ZE Menswear carry gold inspirations soon?

  2. Ion' know!?! This is just a moment I'm having in time, but who knows what the future holds.