Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wimbledon Collection Debut Scores Early

Here's a look at my second collection entitled WIMBLEDON.

Inspired by Wimbledon, this bright contrasting collection is classic, sporty and modern. Each tank references a tennis players journey on the court. Pee green, teal and neon yellow abstracts hues directly from the court. Experience the emotion of the trainer, champion and fury.

Tank #1 – Wimbledon Fury (Teal Stripe, Above)
The print inspired the entire collection. The screen printing is shifted, but make a great graphic impression. The impartial print reminds me of a tennis player hitting the pavement in an attempt to return the ball, hence the inspiration for the name – “Wimbledon Fury”. The print is paired with a brilliantly bright neon yellow/green ribbed knit around the arms and neck in reference to the color of tennis balls. The tank has a great fit and an athletic feel. It can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.

Tank #2 – Wimbledon Champion (Teal, Above)
The simple design is classic and amazingly comfortable. It’s called “Wimbledon Champion” because the design looks very refined and assertive. The sporty yellow zipper allows you to adjust the amount of chest you’d like to reveal. It’s great for those sunny days that requires a lot of breeze inside your shirt. The coordinating stripe print on the inside adds a whimsy and charming detail. THIS TANK SOLD 1-1/2 HOURS AFTER IT WAS POSTED ONETSYYIPPIE!!!

Tank #3 – Wimbledon Trainer (Pee Green, Above)
The modern design is an abstraction of a bag strap across the chest, tugging at the shirt. It exemplifies a player, equipped for the tennis court, hence the name – “Wimbledon Trainer”. The ruching (gathering) fabric adds a beautiful dramatic drape, which is very reminiscent of Roman garments. Although this piece is casual, it definitely captures a high fashion aesthetic as well.
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