Saturday, November 12, 2011

J.L. King Interview: Royalty's Love Affair with ZE Menswear

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of connecting with J. L. King via Twitter. Over a series of days, I Twitted several kind messages to him to spark interest in my clothing line and IT WORK!

Now if you're not familiar with J. L. King, he's a New York Times best selling author who appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show to speak about his book entitled, "On the Down Low".

After 15 years of first book, I collaborated with J.L. to design a custom tank to wear on the red carpet and  promote his latest novel, "Love on a Two Way Street."

In midst of our correspondences, I had the opportunity to interview him about his latest endeavors. 

ZE Menswear: After appearing on Oprah, you took the world by storm with your non-fiction debut book "On the Down Low". Now you've entered the fiction arena with a new book entitled, "Love on a Two-Way Street". In comparison to other books of this genre, what makes this novel different from any other story already available on the bookshelves?

J. L. King: My writings is different then other writers. I am a serious story teller and my stories are all based on real people. I have written 13 books and they all get high marks because people can relate to them. They are raw, straight forward and page turners.   I have so many books inside of me that I want to write. And if God continues to bless me, the best is yet to come. 

ZE Menswear: It's been over 7 years since the exposure of "living on the down low" received national acclaim on television. How do you continue to reinvent yourself? Progress your mission?

J. L. King:  I am a person that believes that I can do anything. I have a international platform that has allowed me to do many things and create new opportunities.  And I am just beginning. I have a lot of great things going on in my life. National TV show, stage play, new books, working with new writers and authors through my JL King Publishing company, and on and on. Life is good. And everyday I wake up with new ideas to put into action.  I also get a lot of offers to partner with other authors, producers and celebrities and I pick and chose them carefully. I love helping others get started and if it is a win win for me, then I am always interested.

ZE Menswear: After the release of your newest novel, what does the future hold for the "J.L. King Enterprise"?

J. L. King: I am also working on 4 new books that will be released next year. Who knows, I live day by day. I don't know what God has in store for me next. But, whatever it is, I am ready for it.

ZE Menswear: In collaborating with ZE Menswear to design your Exclusive Designer Tank, describe your personal style.

J. L. King:J.L: Your response goes here. I am a trend setter. As a soon to be a senior citizen (smile), I look at my style as ageless. I dress to make heads turn. I love colors, I love clothes that no one else has or would dare to wear. I love designers who can take my ideas and make them. And I know what looks good on me. ZE Menswear has a fresh approach to men clothes that I love. I recently order more tanks that I will be wearing this year on my Love On A Two Way street book tour.  I also want to be the face of ZE
For more information about J. L. King, please visit and if you want to write and get published visit:  Follow J.L. King on Twitter @authorjlking and Facebook at Jl King.

Sketch - Initial Design

Sketch - Final Design

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  1. After reading your article, i will definitely check the novel " Love on a Two Way Street", and latest endeavors. Anyways, happy to see you are sharing something informative and entertaining.