Sunday, September 25, 2011

Denim Star

Since starting my new Etsy shop, ZE Menswear, I've been sewing to build my collection for others, rather than sewing for myself. In the grand scheme of things, wearing my own designs is the greatest opportunity I have to advertise my shop. Nonetheless, sewing for myself has been easier said than done.

In 3 weeks, I'll be taking a cruise to the Caribbean, so in an effort to look my best on vacation and thereafter, I made a promise. The promise is that for every garment I make for my shop, I will make a garment for myself. It's the best way to show off ZE Menswear brand in the streets.

Several months ago, I cut up a pair of old jeans and made them into a short pant. Rather than throwing away the scraps, I saved them for an up-cycle project.

For this particular tank top, "Denim Star", I wanted to incorporate the denim within the yoke on the back and front of the tank top, similar to western shirts, but with a twist. Unfortunately, I didn't sew the denim onto the front and back panels of the tank top prior to stitching them together, so incorporating the denim afterwards truly didn't work.

So I improvised and created stars and abstract swirls from additional scraps and applied them to the tank top, starting at the top left shoulder toward the back spine in a asymmetrical design.

Other details include a split placket on the chest and wide bands around the arms and neck.

Once the tank top was finished, I still debated whether or not I should sell the tank top in my shop or not. Lol! Seeing so many things in my shop makes me happy!

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  1. This shirt is really fabulous and loads of fun :)I like how almost every shirt is basically like an original work of art painted by you! Fantastic work on the finishing as well, K!