Monday, January 2, 2012

'AllSaints' Fair Isle Hooded Crew

I’m a big fan of AllSaints aesthetic. I adore the brand’s style because it’s so different and the interiors of the stores is pretty cool too. The hooded crew is one of my favorite pieces. It’s a perfect design for “Summery Winters” in Miami. However, the price for this baby is a cool $60 (retail price; see the original AllSaints shirt in the last photograph shown). Nonetheless, I found this great “Fair Isle” jersey print for $2.50 p/y and the rest is history.

Although this material has been sitting in my sewing nooks for several months, a new Christmas shirt was the perfect time for me to use it. Since I’ve never seen the hooded crew in person, I had to imagine how the hood was constructed. In the AllSaints photograph, it looks effortless; the drape and all. I’m not sure if mine is constructed the same exact way, but I like it regardless.

I maintained the ribbed jersey knit around the around, but made them slightly shorter. My upgrade includes the metal grommets for the drawstring and the amazing print.
On Christmas Day I paired it with a coordinating button (which can be seen in the photos) and charcoal grey khakis. The ensemble was a breeze!

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  1. Well nice post man i liked your confidence and also i liked watching your pics and the descriptions you have mentioned about it .